People, planet and profit

Social enterprise is a growing market – so many people are fed up with the old-fashioned business model of just being focused on making money whilst ignoring the environment and the wellbeing of its staff and supply chains.  Brilliantly, there are increasing numbers of  amazing social entrepreneurs who want to be part of solving the world's problems by running a successful business, which is set up to make a difference.


The challenges for a social entrepreneur 

When you are a social entrepreneur, you still face the same challenges as any other business owner: cashflow, staff, sales and marketing, time management, work/life balance.

Also you are likely to be competing with mainstream businesses and so you must be professional and customer-focused.  What is so exciting though, is that you already have the tools to differentiate yourself from mainstream competitors – your story is unique and your purpose is based on helping people or the environment.  You are automatically authentic and engaging.

Are you communicating the right messages to the right people in the right places?

That’s what marketing is all about.  Get that wrong and you will waste a lot of time and money, not to mention lost sales and opportunities.


Part of the social enterprise world

I have been a voluntary mentor for UnLtd for over four years.  I even ran my own social enterprise for 5 years.  I worked as Country Coordinator Liason for Fashion Revolution, a community interest company.

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My social enterprise experience

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