My Ethical Marketing Journey

My name is Nikki Mattei and I have lived and breathed marketing for the past 25 years. During that time I have also become involved in social enterprise and promoting natural solutions to the world’s problems.

The world has changed so much and I do worry about what we are leaving to future generations. However, I also believe that the human race has the creativity and determination to come up with inventive solutions to the environmental and social challenges we face.

It made total sense for me to work with those type of companies and organisations and I am 100% committed to promoting more environmental and sustainable solutions to the world’s problems, which are also fair for people.

As someone who has eaten and promoted organic food for the past fifteen years and also believes that most disease in the West is initiated through poor diet, I was delighted to watch this video made by Chipotle Mexican Grill in the US – it says so much about the world we live in today.

Watch "The Scarecrow" for yourself!


Part of the Ethical World

I always try to practise what I preach and, as such, I am a passionate advocate of an ethical and natural lifestyle. For over ten years, my home has been chemical-free, with organic, freshly-prepared food on the table and I am always focused on natural wellbeing, both physical and emotional. I class myself as a “conscious consumer” and I take an active interest in the ethics of the companies I buy from. More and more people are becoming “humane consumers” and showing their preferences by the purchases they make. Ethical marketers need to enhance this connection between people and products.

Ethical Banking

My business bank account is with Triodos Bank who offer a refreshing transparency and are focused on attracting clients who are set up to address environmental and social issues.


Social Entrepreneur Mentor

I am committed to helping ethical businesses compete on equal terms with mainstream companies. For this reason, I am a voluntary mentor for UnLtd who provide support for social entrepreneurs. In this role, I work with start-up social entrepreneurs who are looking for business guidance and support in their new venture.


Supporter of the Organic Trade Board

I have been a staunch supporter of a natural, organic lifestyle for over 15 years and I love the work of the Organic Trade Board, which promotes the benefits of buying organic to consumers.


Fashion Revolution Volunteer

I was one of the many volunteers for Fashion Revolution who were affected by the horrific collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory where so many workers lost their lives or were injured.  We have lost the connection between the clothes we wear and the people who make them. Brands and retailers must have more transparent supply chains and improve their workers' rights across the board. For 4 years, I was part of the Global Advisory Committee and part of the Global Education and Resources team. I ran the marketing for the education sector to encourage schools, colleges and universities to get involved and demand change.  During 2016/17 I was Country Coordinator Liaison covering for maternity leave - it was an honour to connect with so many amazing fashion revolutionaries across the world!


Part of the green tourism market

In 2017 my husband and I moved to Italy for a simpler, more sustainable way of life.  We live in an eco-house run on renewable energy set in sustainably managed vineyards and farmland.  We let out the ground floor as a holiday home.  Green tourism is a new sector for me but I always love a challenge!  We have recently been awarded a Silver Award by Green Tourism for our accommodation at Villa in the Vineyard and I am keen to become even more involved in promoting sustainable tourism.



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