Making a profit with a conscience

It is possible to be a profitable organisation and be socially and environmentally responsible.  These two aspects can work very successfully together.  However, it is important that you include objectives and measurement criteria for both profit and impact to ensure that both are considered equally.


Your marketing strategy

My motto is “strategy + action = success”. You can’t have one without the other. With online marketing tools being so accessible to everybody, it is very tempting to just jump straight in and start communicating with the world. This can result in a lot of time and energy being expended telling the wrong message to the wrong people in the wrong places. As your freelance marketing director, I will ensure that you have a clear marketing strategy in place linked to your financial goals but also your ethical values. Together we will develop the following:


  • Your marketplace – what’s happening and what are the opportunities for the future
  • Your competitors – so important – who are they and what do they do better than you?
  • Your audience – who are they and what are they looking for?
  • Your offer and pricing
  • Keyword research for SEO
  • Your content
  • The right marketing channels
  • Your budget

This marketing strategy can then be implemented working with me and if needed, my freelance marketing team.  Find out more here

How to Write an Ethical marketing plan

Listen to and watch the webinar I presented on behalf of UnLtd, the organisation for social entrepreneurs, to find out more about I work. It is about 45 minutes long – so you can always whizz through the slides! Just click here


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