Getting the right balance between fundraising and impact

In some charities, the balance between fundraising and impact is out of alignment. Certainly, large national charities have become more like businesses with their planning focused on profit rather than the impact they were set up to achieve.  They have not had their target audience at the heart of every campaign and asked themselves how those people will benefit from the activities of the charity in question. 

I believe that it is so important for charities that social and environmental objectives and KPI’s are set alongside financial and fundraising targets.  When I put together a business strategy and marketing plan for my clients, the social and environmental objectives are as important as the financial goals – otherwise, what’s the point?


Charity Experience

In 2008 I became involved with Breast Cancer UK and worked with their Board of Trustees for a year as an Executive Board Member, thus adding to my knowledge, particularly in relation to UK and European legislative procedures.  I have been working with them since May 2016 as Ambassador Project Manager on a new initiative to recruit volunteers across the country to go into their communties and talk to people about breast cancer prevention and reducing risk.


Approved Provider of New Futures Buckinghamshire

In 2014 I went through a rigorous selection process to become an approved provider for Buckinghamshire County Council's New Futures programme, which offers business expertise to not-for-profits and charities.

I worked on marketing strategy with five organisations and received overall ratings of Excellent from three organisations and Good from two.

Unfortunately, the programme has now closed.


An Ethical Marketing Plan

I can work with you to put together a marketing strategy, which will increase your funds, help you find more volunteers and reach more of the people you are trying to help or influence.  This will be done with your social or environmental purpose firmly fixed at the heart of the strategy.


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