An important project with Breast Cancer UK

An important project with Breast Cancer UK


Spreading the breast cancer prevention message


I am so pleased to be working with Breast Cancer UK on their new Ambassador project to find volunteers across the country to spread the message of breast cancer prevention and reducing risk.



My personal experience


Some of you will know that I set up my own breast health social enterprise, Best Think Pink, in 2007 to offer talks in the workplace and to other women's groups.  I also set up my own campaign Healthy Breasts For Every Woman - although the website looks old, the messages haven't changed.  I have not had breast cancer myself but I do have a chronic condition called Crohns Disease (or I say now that I 'used' to have it) and I have witnessed first-hand the power of taking control of one's own health.  When I was diagnosed in 1992 after a nasty bout of food poisoning on my honeymoon, I decided that I didn't want to follow the conventional route of popping about 16 pills a day with the likelihood of future surgery.  Instead I chose to change my diet, use natural supplements and accept my condition as part of me.  It has never stopped me doing what I wanted and it started me on my natural health journey and the work I am doing today.


By 2012 I had spoken to over 1000 women about how to keep their breasts healthy and continued to keep in touch with a lot of them through a monthly e-newsletter.  I covered all the accepted risk factors for breast cancer as well as the potential risks from certain hormone-disrupting chemicals.  I shared simple steps that any women could take in her daily life to protect her health, such as changing her deodorant and beauty products, cutting back on sugar and eating an alkaline diet, avoiding HRT, finding an exercise that she liked, managing stress.  At that time, a lot of those subjects were not mainstream but now eating healthily and cutting out refined sugars is everywhere, HRT has been recognised as a risk factor and organic food and beauty sales are rising.



A national campaign in local communities


I decided to stop my breast health work in 2012 as it was hard work getting commitment from corporates and it was only me.  That's why I was delighted to be contacted by Breast Cancer UK and asked to help with their new Ambassador Project.  Breast Cancer UK's Ambassador programme will work with volunteers to spread the prevention message in their communities and help people live healthier, disease-free lives.  We are just at the start of the project to find volunteers and have received a positive response from many of Breast Cancer UK's supporters so far.  Together with the charity, we will be putting together the training package for all our volunteers and I look forward to delivering this alongside Breast Cancer UK staff.  We will also set up a support strategy for all Breast Cancer UK Ambassadors to help them promote their talks and events nationally and to fulfill their roles as easily as possible.



Please help us find Breast Cancer UK  Ambassadors


We are looking for people across the UK, who are passionate about breast cancer prevention and would like to help people in their communities become more aware of the risk factors for breast cancer, as well as sharing simple steps for reducing risk.  They don’t need to be medically trained - just full of enthusiasm and keen to go out into the community and make a difference.  There are more details here


If you know someone or you would be interested yourself, please do apply to be a Breast Cancer UK Ambassador



Let's help fewer women get breast cancer


Breast Cancer UK is a charity dedicated to prevention and reducing breast cancer incidence.  Most breast cancer charities focus on early detection, diagnosis and treatment.  I believe it is definitely time for the prevention message to be more widely heard.  It is not acceptable that more women are getting breast cancer than ever before - it is not good enough to say that these women have a better chance of surviving.  I am sure that any woman or man (they can get it too) would prefer not to get this most-feared disease in the first place.


Thank you so much if you are able to help.



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