Fashion Revolution Week starts on 18 April

Fashion Revolution Week starts on 18 April


Fashion Revolution Week 18-24 April


Fashion Revolution Day took place in 2014 and 2015 on 24 April and the campaign has engaged increasing numbers of consumers, educators, students, brands, retailers, producers, farmers, makers, policy makers, politicians and other organisations involved in the clothing industry across the world. This year Fashion Revolution Day has become Fashion Revolution Week from 18 to 24 April. 

Fashion Revolution is now recognised as a global organisation with considerable influence and reach.  Our aims are as follows:


  • To raise awareness of the true cost of fashion and its social and environmental impact at every step of the production process right through to when a garment is bought, worn, washed and disposed of by the consumer


  • Celebrate those who are producing clothes with respect for people and planet


  • Facilitate debate between everyone involved in the clothing industry as well as consumers and campaigners and work towards re-establishing the connection between the people who make our clothes and we who wear them


  • Work towards long-term change so that the fashion industry becomes an ethical business model with safe, healthy and fair conditions


  • To ensure that a tragedy like Rana Plaza never happens again

I am part of the Global Education & Resources Team as well as being on the Global Advisory Committee.  It is an honour to be part of a campaign which is having such a positive impact on the lives of people working in the clothing industry across the world.


We have put together a whole range of resources, worksheets and reading material for educators and students. All the resources are free and can be downloaded by registering on the Fashion Revolution website.


Change begins with the young

I have just written a blog for Fashion Revolution, which explains why young people hold the power to catalyse change within the fashion industry.  You can read it here


Be part of Fashion Revolution

The easiest thing you can do if you want to be part of positive change in the fashion industry is take a selfie wearing a garment inside out, showing the label and post it on social media asking the brand #whomademyclothes.  You can find the social media names of many brands and retailers on our website - look under the section Who Made My Clothes and you will a spreadsheet to download.


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