Social media posts - beware of hiring a company to do it for you

by Nikki Mattei

Social media posts - beware of hiring a company to do it for you

There are lots of companies out there who will offer to manage your social media and write x number of posts for you per week or month.

I would always advise against this unless the company you are working with is very small and has one person who is responsible for all your marketing, not just your social media. The reason for this is that one of the most important things about writing on social media is that your posts must be authentic. The only way this can happen is if the person writing them is a key part of your business and is aware of everything that’s happening. If you are using a social media company who has lots of other clients and they really only think about you and your brand once a week or monthly, they can’t possibly have their finger on the pulse of your business.

Now, I am all for outsourcing – I must be because I work as a freelance marketing manager! I have nothing against using a professional social media expert to set up your profiles technically for you but when it comes to deciding on your description for your Twitter profile, for example, it is so important that you think carefully about what message you are communicating and to what audience. You could, of course, write your own posts and blogs and then pass them on to an outsourced company to post for you but posting is the quick part – it is the writing which takes the time and choosing the right subject, particularly if you want to comment on a topical issue, which is being talked about on social media.

This aspect of takin part in the conversation is a very key part of social media; so retweeting, replying to posts, likes etc. If your social media is being done by someone who is not part of your business, how can they pretend to be you and comment on other posts? Remember that authenticity is everything on social media.

So what do you do if you are a small business and have little time for social media? Like every aspect of your business, time management is the key. You will need to put together a social media strategy as part of your overall marketing plan, which incorporates your agreed target audiences and messages. You can plan to spend a certain amount of time on social media each week depending on its importance to your business. You will also need to choose the channels which are best suited, ie LinkedIn is often used for business-to-business and Facebook for consumer.

It goes without saying that understanding your customer or your audience is vital so that you make sure you are talking about the things which will engage them and they feel strongly about.

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