A Social Entrepreneur Myself

Although I work with social enterprises now, I was also a social entrepreneur in my own right. I have been interested in the social problems facing the world for many years, in particular relation to human health and the environment.

Breast Health Educator

I became especially concerned about the rising rates of breast cancer in women and so in 2007 I set up "Best Think Pink", a social enterprise aimed at shifting the focus from breast cancer to breast health. I started talking to groups of women wherever I could and sharing information with them about how to take a natural approach to having healthy breasts. In 2008 I became involved with Breast Cancer UK and worked with their Board of Trustees for a year as an Executive Board Member, thus adding to my knowledge, particularly in relation to UK and European legislative procedures. I am now running their new Ambassador Programme, which recruits volunteers across the country to go out into their community to talk to people about breast cancer prevention and reducing risk. I then used my marketing skills to approach companies in the corporate world and started my Breast Health Presentations in the workplace. I have worked with blue chip companies such as Centrica, WPP and Janssen Cilag and always received a great reception from the attending women. I also launched my own campaign, Healthy Breasts For Every Woman, and hope that I am making a difference in a small way to the awareness of women.

Social Enterprise Mentor

I am committed to helping ethical businesses compete on equal terms with mainstream companies. For this reason, I was a voluntary mentor for UnLtd, who provide support for social entrepreneurs, from 2013 - 2016. I truly believe that we can make the world a better place and put the emphasis on people and communities rather than living in a world driven entirely by profit and greed.

Charities I Support

I give donations, time and support to a number of charities close to my heart. I always examine the principles and ethics of the charities I support as charities are big business and I want to ensure that my contribution has the greatest impact. Here are my chosen charities:

Breast Cancer UK  - they are the only UK breast cancer charity focused on primary prevention and who campaign against harmful chemicals.

CANCERactive  - the only UK charity who give advice on conventional treatments as well as alternative and complementary treatments as well as prevention advice.

The Haven Breast Cancer Centres - free of charge, emotional support and complementary therapies to help with the physical and emotional side effects of breast cancer treatment.


Ethical Marketing for Social Enterprises

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