The Impact of Fashion Revolution Day

by Nikki Mattei

The Impact of Fashion Revolution Day

On Friday 24 April I took part in the second Fashion Revolution Day. I volunteered myself to FRD in November 2014 and had a great time working with the Education Lead, Ian Cook, who is a Professor of Geography at the University of Exeter. Together we put together a set of four education packs for Primary, Secondary, FE and HE, full of fun yet informative ways for students to get involved in learning more about the global clothing industry.

I also put together a marketing plan for our education activity with a timed “to-do-list” to ensure that Ian and I could keep track of what needed to be done as well as adding new ideas as they came up. In addition, I wanted to make sure that we started to build a database of educators for future years, as well as being able to let them know the results of all the activities on Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April. I set up a registration system to capture data automatically, using the email marketing platform, Sentori, which means that we now have a database which can be contacted en masse but I can also just contact certain segments, such as primary schools or universities in the UK. Engagement with this list has remained high with typical open rates of over 50% and click-throughs ranging from 10% to as high as 50%.

The People's Photoshoot

On Fashion Revolution Day itself, I spent the morning at The Church of the Annunciation in Marble Arch helping my daughter, Chloe, set up her event, The People’s Photoshoot, which ran alongside Designer Jumble. We asked a number of well-known brands, “who made my clothes” and we had lots of people getting involved.

In the afternoon, I went over to The Fairtrade Foundation, key supporters of Fashion Revolution, and helped to monitor and respond to Twitter. The hashtag #whomademyclothes trended Number 1 and a lot of brands entered into the spirit of the campaign and replied to the question.

In the evening, Chloe, Anna (my other daughter who was our photographer for The People’s Photoshoot) and I want to The Cube in Shoreditch to set up alongside Marianne Hughes. Marianne had the great idea to ask people to cut out a label from an item of clothing to represent one of the 1133 people who died at Rana Plaza in the factory collapse in 2013. She displayed all the collected labels at The Cube in Shoreditch.

Fashion Revolution Day Impact

There were over 1000 blog posts and articles written on the day and Fashion Revolution content was viewed over a staggering 14 billion times – all this with no paid-for advertising. Plus lots of brands replied to the question #whomademyclothes. You can read more about the impact here

Fashion Revolution Day Impact

As far as the education sector is concerned, Ian and I are planning to get feedback from the schools, colleges and universities who took part to ensure that we create education packs which are even better, which can be used throughout the year as well as on FRD 2016.

If anyone is interested in getting involved as a volunteer next year, please let me know. We certainly need some help in the education team to continue to build our database of educational establishments across the UK.

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