My involvement in Fashion Revolution Day

by Nikki Mattei

My involvement in Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion Revolution Day was launched in 2014 to mark the anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh on 24 April 2013. This global campaign calls for more transparency in fashion supply chains and asks young people in particular to ask brands the question “who made my clothes?”

I have been involved in the second Fashion Revolution Day since November last year when I met one of its founders, Orsola de Castro, at The Ethical Consumer conference. I volunteered to help on the marketing to the education sector as I was meeting quite a few fashion lecturers during uni visits with my daughter, who is planning to take a degree in Fashion Marketing.

I have been working with Ian Cook, Associate Professor of Geography, at the University of Exeter, and together we have put together some new Education Packs for Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form/College and University.

The theme of this year’s packs is Be Curious, Find Out, Do Something. Educators are provided with different activities and worksheets to help them engage their students to think more about the individual people involved in producing their clothes as well as the ethics and sustainability of the brands who employ them. The fashion industry touches on so many subject areas from human geography to business studies and citizenship.

These FREE packs contain:

  • Teachers’ Notes with suggested ideas
  • Worksheets for in-class or homework activities
  • Design your own Fashion Revolution Day Poster
  • Fashion Ethics Trump Card game (not for primary)
  • Fashion Revolution Day Quiz (not for primary)
  • Tableau Vivant (universities only)
  • Additional educational resources

These packs can be downloaded at Educators are also encouraged to register on the same page to keep in touch with all the events for 24 April and to hear the responses from the brands.

Parents are encouraged to involve their children’s school in Fashion Revolution Day as well as getting involved on an individual level, using some of the ideas in the packs.

It would be fantastic if even more schools, colleges and universities were able to get involved this year and to know that I played a part in that!

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