Expert support for charities & social enterprises funded by Bucks CC

by Nikki Mattei

Expert support for charities & social enterprises funded by Bucks CC

Approved Marketing Provider

Last year, after a detailed selection process, I was accepted as an approved provider for Buckinghamshire County Council’s New Futures programme.

Through this new programme, VCS and other not-for-profit groups, including social enterprises, can receive the input of experts in various disciplines, all funded by Bucks County Council. The only thing the recipient organisation needs to do is give some time. However, unlike some business support schemes, it does not mean that a provider will just come in, tell you what to do and then expect you to do the hard work to implement everything. The programme is very flexible and can include as much strategy or execution as needed.

In my personal case, I have just finished working with Chiltern Music Therapy, a young social enterprise and Community Interest Company. Like many small businesses, they had grown very fast in their first two years and reached a stage where they needed a clear strategy to take them to the next level. I joined the process after they had worked with the approved finance provider who had drafted a business plan for them. We then all worked together to complete the business plan and to develop their marketing strategy. This involved a number of meetings and then I drafted several versions of their marketing plan. They now have a clear plan and know exactly what they need to do to achieve the business and marketing objectives we have set.

The whole process was extremely rewarding and I am really excited about the future for Chiltern Music Therapy.

If you are interested in finding out more about New Futures, the first step is to request an information pack or call GrantScape, who are managing the programme on behalf of Bucks CC, on 01908 247637.

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