Wahaca - An Ethical Restaurant

by Nikki Mattei

Wahaca - An Ethical Restaurant

I enjoyed my first visit to Wahaca on Sunday. I was walking around Covent Garden with my family, looking for somewhere to eat. We wanted something a bit different, not too expensive and I also prefer restaurants which match my principles of eating the best quality, locally sourced produce. It was quite bizarre as I had just read about Thomasina Miers (Tommi), the founder of Wahaca a few days before otherwise I might not have noticed the Wahaca sign.

We enjoyed a really delicious meal of authentic Mexican food in colourful surroundings with a very friendly, knowledgable waiter. What impressed me as well was that Wahaca was voted “Best Sustainable Restaurant Group of the Year” in 2013 as well as “Best Cheap Eat in the UK” by The Observer Food Monthly Awards.

I also picked up their free magazine and read more about some of their current projects which demonstrate their committment to being an ethical restaurant.

The Pig Idea is a campaign which has been launched by Tommi and food waste campaigner, Tristram Stuart, with the aim of getting food waste back on the menu for British pigs. It seems madness that food waste is being thrown away when it used to be fed to pigs in the old days. Nowadays we are feeding pigs soya, which is encouraging deforestation, an environmental disaster. You can read more at www.thepigidea.org

Wahaca also donates 20p from each of its specials dishes to support Mexican and UK charities. Another great thing is that their St Paul’s restaurant is getting their used cooking oil picked up by Uptown Biodiesel who convert it into the fuel which powers Ciaran the Cabby’s taxi!

Wahaca is a great example of a business which has its ethical principles at the very heart of the company. Their concerns are very serious but they engage their public in a fun and simple way. They definitely offer their customers a great dining experience!

I look foward to eating at one of their restaurants again next time I am in London!

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